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Believe (Let The Love Shine In)

Warner Music Brazil Press Release:

In time to participate in the “Rock Month” celebrations in Brazil, the British band Bliss is releasing an explosive new version of their classic song ‘Believe’ available from today on all major digital platforms across South and North America.

As well as Rachel Morrison’s soulful vocals and producer partner, Tom E Morrison on guitars, bass and keyboards, this single includes performances by Edu Bisa Bisogno on Hammond Organ and Marc Layton Bennet on drums.

The original recording is featured on their current Warner album “We Are One”.

The new single version celebrates both its gospel roots and the power of blues rock, perfectly complementing Brazil’s Rock Month.

Rachel comments: “During these current times the music and lyrics of “Believe” resonate a message of positivity and energy in the face of adversity in this joyful and emphatic anthem”


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